My name is Jacqui and I dropped out of the world of academia and somehow ended up making a film and marrying a man from Spain. Now I’ve finished the film, I’m trying to work out what’s my next step in life.  But in the meantime, please have a look through this website and keep in touch if you are interested in watching ‘A way we go’ and/or working on future projects together.

In 2013 I embarked on a project to discover the feel of various transport experiences in different cities around the world.  I set out to explore the various emotions, interactions, communities, activities, health effects and inspiration associated with using transport.

I took my cameras and all the courage I could muster to try and use (and film) every different mode of transport that is on offer – from rickshaws to metros, bicycles to buses, and even my two feet.  I talked to local people about their experiences as they show me around their cities.  After arriving safely home pieced this footage together to make a film so that everyone can share in the charms and wonder of how people across the world are experiencing urban transport.

So please read through my blog to discover the thousands of little journeys I took in cities around the world – it was an amazing experience, meeting beautiful people.

We all have ‘a way we go’ to get around our cities – it’s time to discover them!

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  1. Superb Jacky! I’m proud of you 😉 Je pars bientot aussi au tour du monde et je devrais faire aussi un travail sur les transports. J’ai connais quelqu’un de tres bien a Berlin et je vais lui parler de ton projet. Si tu as besoin d’etre logee, tell me please. Bisous et bon courage dans le “way you go”… Franciele

  2. Hi Jacqui, I met you in Mumbai airport just read through some of your posts and the film sounds like it is going to be great. Transport is such an interesting aspect of society to study I will definitely be checking back on your progress.

    Best of luck with all the work ahead of you.

    • It’s nice to hear from you. You met me at my most sleep deprived. Thanks for checking out my blog and hopefully we’ll be in touch and I’ll keep you informed if I manage to make an interesting film 🙂

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