Looking forward to post post-production

It’s been a long journey, and my life has changed quite a bit along the way, but the film is nearly ready for showing!!!  It is just under an hour and I feel heartbroken with the number of amazing interviews that aren’t there but I was told to keep it short and not have too many different faces.

I almost feel like writing a post about post production, but I don’t think I can give you many interesting insights.  I’m definitely not a natural editor but it has been satisfying to actually learn a little bit about it. Eager to learn about the art of editing I found that most books focused on managing editing software and expecting you to just naturally know when to cut.  At the end of the day I guess it does take practise but I think there are also a few tricks to it (that I still don’t know).

Really looking forward to hearing the sounds and music that are currently being worked on.  Sounds and rhythms in moving around are so omnipresent I think it will add a lot to the film.

So if you are wanting to see the film, put on a community screening, or just feel a sense of relief for me that all this dabbling with a half broken computer and a million hard drives is about to be over – please contact me.