Other film projects

Cycling with you in Mzuzu – a quick little film I made while I was in Malawi

Some like it cold – a film I am trying to make this winter. In Newcastle (and all over the world where there is water) you find people who love to swim through winter. I am keen to understand their motivations, rituals and love of the freezing water. Hopefully, I will gain the courage to give it ago and get some tips one how to make it a pleasant and invigorating experience.

What to make of what you wear – more of a concept than a real project for now. I would love to understand our attachment to clothes and the history we have with them, and how this crosses cultures and classes. In the age of fast fashion and minimalism, perhaps we are forgetting to look at clothing in a more holistic way and I kind of want to explore this but because filmmaking is an expensive hobby (unless you sell out or get lucky), I’m going to hang this idea up next to my old dresses that I can’t bring myself to giveawat and hope I can use it one day.