Ideas and inspiration

It is important to understand all the different users of our transport system, especially when we are interacting and sharing the same spaces. Here are some resources to help educate and ignite discussion around how we share the ways we go. As you can see most of my ideas need help making them happen. If you have skills, advise, time or stories you want to contribute I would love to hear from you with a comment or email awaywego.doco(at)

Cyclists visit the classroom – I am currently working on an initiative involving regular commuting cyclists visiting classrooms of students at the age where they can learn to drive to discuss how to share the road with cyclists. There are lots of  ways that cyclists and car drivers can get along better that aren’t discussed in Road User Handbooks. It’s an attempt to increase drivers’ confidence, competence and compassion when they are on the road near a cyclist. I will upload resources etc. once they are developed.

The Big Drawcard – a collection of drawings made by the general population of what we love and want to protect – and therefore a drawcard to motivate us to improve our transport and other parts of our culture, cities and industry in all sorts of ways.

Children’s books about transport experiences – to be completed – I’m getting together my pencils, paints and pal’s that can draw and putting it with some cute poems about life on transport from a child’s perspective.

Between the road and the footpath – to be completed – This is my transport love story. It is about the struggles and euphoria that transport can bring and how it can complicate a little lost soul in all sorts of interesting ways. Hopefully, my intimiate and ridiculous thoughts and ways of being around transport might help others on their transport story.

On my Way in May -Something to get you motivated for a month of moving….

Think of a way you want to make your commute or any transport better (for you, the planet, your neighbours, whatever/whoever),

Write it down somewhere (here, there, on a piece of paper you keep under your pillow).
Get on your way! in May! Be as committed or relaxed about it as you like

If you write it here it might help inspire other people. Also photos and stories are always fun Some suggestions to start with:

  • look up at the sky (but not too much if you are riding)
  • pump up your tyres more often
  • don’t use your mobile phone on the train
  • ride to work or the shops (or part of the way)
  • talk to someone on the bus
  • visit a friend on the way home
  • walk or run all the way to work
  • keep an eye out for people who need a seat
  • wave to other cyclists
  • write to council to fix a pram ramp
  • teach someone else to ride
  • show someone the way
  • go down a new street

Send me more suggestions if you like