Here is where I go off track and the fun begins (sometimes it doesn’t even have anything apparently to do with transport) … I hope this diverts you and feel free to provide feedback or let me know if you want to get involved in any of these far flung projects.

Car-free tourist guides

Exploring places without a car can be fun but sometimes you need a guide

The Big Drawcard

Bringing together contemplation, creativity and inspiration in the community

Educational resources

Resources for schools and others to help get conversation and critical thinking happening around mobility

Stories & books

A few stories I am working on and hopefully will one day publish, reflecting on some of the beauty in transport I saw through my film, my studies and through living

Poetry and pictures

Some bits and pieces I’ve put together

Other things I’ve written

Here’s where I put anything slightly academic or things that don’t have any other place

Ideas and inspiration

The best place in the house – where we find light bulbs and crazy thoughts that become slightly less crazy the more you think and talk about them