Thank you for watching my film

I am grateful for everyone who has taken the time out of their busy lives to watch a film by a completely unknown director, shot and edited in a very unorthodox way, that proved to be a bit too different for any festival to take on. My one month of free film watching has been extended to three and maybe forever (if I can’t bring myself to create a financial barrier for anyone to watch it).

I have enjoyed the conversations that the film has triggered and really happy with the different messages and inspiration that people have found within the film. I have put together some of the feedback below (I left out the names). Hopefully a few more people will watch my film and provide other ideas…. please keeps sharing the film around, especially while it’s still free.

I love this film. It glows with authenticity as the citizens of varied cultures reveal their common understanding of who they are and how they are shaped by the ways they navigate their cities. Transport systems connect us in many ways beyond the physical. Stunning images and engaging dialogue held together by crisp editing. Congratulations. This film is an excellent achievement.

It really gives a good feeling, obviously about transports but not only and not any one type of transport especially. and one feels like having been on transport for an hour!
after so much positive interview, one feels optimistic 🙂 your sound designer is really good.

There are a tons of beautiful stories in there. I love how we are all different and have very different lives and experiences but somehow connect on how we view our transport.

Just a quick note from Norway to let you know that I found your film very evocative and enjoyable when I saw it at your Sydney screening and that I think fondly of it from time to time, especially when cycling

Preciosa e inteligente mirada sobre los medios de transporte colectivos. Esperamos otras entregas..

It’s so awesome Jacqui! I didn’t want it to end. I had to giggle at the start when someone said that when they forget to take a book on the train, they try to read their neighbours’ book – I have totally done that!

This is wonderful!

The idea of watching a film about transport is slightly painful for me as my daily commute is about 3 hours! But, I loved that this film reminded about all the great things that a commute can bring. Embrace the positives.

Wow what a great doco Your sister has captured what i always feel when i travel.People are the same no matter where we be in this great big world,we are no different in our thinking,even when we don’t speak the same language .Well doneJacqui you now have a fan keep up the great work you are doing

Thought provoking, truthful, compelling.

This film is dedicated to what might seem an unlikely subject: what we do and think during the time we spend getting around. It is a tender and respectful film that pays tribute to the experience of a remarkable variety of people from around the world. Hicks draws out many whimsical anecdotes and passionate accounts from these individuals that convey both the private and social pleasures of urban travel.

What a lovely film that captures and celebrates the universal themes of people getting places. Thank you.

An exploration of connecting meanings and interrelationships via transports and shared unfolding interludes. Bringing the personal back to the public and back to humanity. An exciting interlude of screen journey’s to savour.