On my way in May

On my Way in May -Something to get you motivated for a month of moving….

Think of a way you want to make your commute or any transport better (for you, the planet, your neighbours, whatever/whoever),

Write it down somewhere (here, there, on a piece of paper you keep under your pillow).
Get on your way! in May! Be as committed or relaxed about it as you like

If you write it here it might help inspire other people. Also photos and stories are always fun .  Some suggestions to start with:

  • look up at the sky (but not too much if you are riding)
  • pump up your tyres more often
  • don’t use your mobile phone on the train
  • ride to work or the shops (or part of the way)
  • talk to someone on the bus
  • visit a friend on the way home
  • walk or run all the way to work
  • keep an eye out for people who need a seat
  • wave to other cyclists
  • write to council to fix a pram ramp
  • teach someone else to ride
  • show someone the way
  • go down a new street

Send me more suggestions if you like