The big drawcard

What do you love about this world and humanity, that you want to see protected into the future? It could be a person, a feeling, a place, a way of being or whatever you come up with.

Spend the time to contemplate one (or more) of the things that you love, and paint, draw or depict it in one way or another and be part of the inspiration to take actions to save the world. and humanity

Whether you are a professional artist or haven’t tried to draw since you were ten years old – be part of this ‘draw’ card to remind the world why we are worth saving (and remind us why the world is worth saving). The paintings will remain yours

While you start your drawings, I will try and work out how to set up this page so that we can upload our picture.  If you’ve already finished send it to with a title, a sentence or two about it and your location (let me know if you want me to include your name and age as well). I’ll also set up a hashtag on social media #TheBigDrawcard

Happy drawing!