Educational Resources

Sharing the road – I’ve developed a lesson plan and presentation for students around 16 years old about the ins and outs, ups and downs of moving around and sharing the road. It’s designed for year 10 pdhpe students and I would still love to improve it. Keen for your feedback, ideas or even inputs! I would love to include more resources an make a video to do with it one day.

A way we go in the classroom – I would love A way we go to be used as a resource for the classroom and I am putting together some accompanying materials to help guide discussion and get students to think about the ways they go and how they spend their time on the go… To be completed.

Mapping journeys to school and advocating for active transport – When I have time I would love to put together a pool of resources for teachers and students, to help think about how they travel to school, and map the good parts and bad parts of the journey. Then provide the students with advices about how to advocate to tip the scales by turning bad parts into good parts. I would also love to get school students to consider potential initiatives they could carry out in their school that would resonate with other students.