What I learnt from being in Pune

  • Pune does have some cycle paths but once you are stuck in traffic not even a bicycle can get through
  • People get out and start directing traffic (playing Tetris) when traffic get’s bad
  • You get on  at the back of the bus and off at the front of the bus and you pay somewhere on the way
  • Always make sure the rickshaw driver gives you a fair deal
  • There are communal rickshaws in Pune
  • The footpaths have lovely shady trees but sometimes these trees are ripping up the footpath

What I thought before I went to Pune

I know almost nothing about Pune except that it’s close enough to Mumbai to catch a bus there.  In fact, I am wondering whether the sprawling powers of Mumbai actually reach Pune.  My guess is that Pune is not immune to the chaotic traffic of india that one doesn’t have to study transport to be mesmerised by.

What does the research say about transport in Pune?

Still to do!

When am I in Pune and what will I be doing?

I am in Pune in the monsoon (the end of June) so I may spend some time sitting and waiting for the rain to stop.  But I guess the rain will leave the streets lush and clear and fresh.

I am looking forward to riding in rickshaws and trying to work out how they weave through traffic

I’m not going to try and ride a motor bike in the wet crowded streets of an indian city, but I’m going to brace myself and trust a local to take me for a ride

I’m also looking forward to seeing all the beautiful colourful, flowing clothes

Hopefully I’ll find a bicycle to ride.  The last time I was in India I wouldn’t have dreamt of riding a bicycle, but now I think my street savvy cycling skills are up to the task

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