leaving australia with a poem or two..

I left newcastle on a high, with my cousin giving me two pairs of orange undies and telling me they would be good luck.  I think I need a belt for my pants because I’m quite sure on a number of occasions the brightness of my undies has been on display.   I would like to share the poem she wrote for me that went along with the underwear (for future reference always write a poem to go with your underwear, it makes life so much more exciting)

So now you are practically free from your phDeee

May you be led by your heart and do all that you please

I know you’re about to embark on a wild ride

Loaded up with fancy gadgets and a sparkle in your eyes

Remember we’re all with you, in our hearts and minds

There’s no reason to feel lonely or freak out and cry

You cannot go wrong with a smile on your face

A song in your heart and eyes full of grace

But just in case you are ever in doubt

Please know that orange undies have special powers

Let them secretly work their magic

And guide you safely through all sorts of traffic

And in any event that the undies aren’t with you

Take hold of the stone and absorb its hue

and ask yourself what would Yo do?

(She’d probably give  you a hug or help you laugh

it off with a shrug to maybe

recommend a crazy hairstyle a la grug)

Many happy travels to you, may you open hearts along the way

and meet people without fear and play

This poem has a friend poem which I wrote and I will dig it up and put it here sometime…

A bientot newcastle x

2 thoughts on “leaving australia with a poem or two..

  1. haha cool! I rocked the Grug hairstyle back in 2009 (colour and shape) :p

    I was literally thinking about Yo yesterday, because a girl at the tram stop looked exactly how I remember Yo to be :-)…”Hi Yo”

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