Get on ya bike – it’s the monsoon!!!

For some strange reason I thought the monsoon might discourage people from getting on the motor bikes or at least make it a little miserable.  But not in Pune!!!!  I keep hearing praise for the sensation of riding through the rain and the smiles of glee that accompany these statements.  The freshness and the feel of drops splashing on your body has always been something that I have liked while riding my bicycle but I though this sentiment was only reserved for the most quirky of us.  But in Pune, it seems to be mainstream.


I am in Pune in the monsoon season.  This season of unpredictable rain and streets which turn into ponds is a delight to most people  in Pune that I have met.  And while the rain intensifies the traffic congestion and leads to you hopping between the less wet parts of the road or footpath, people tend to be more thanok with this.  I think this shows the way rain brings out the child in us.  We are allowed to play, to feel wet, like we are on an adventure, and to look around and feel that there is a community of people all experiencing the rain with you.  I guess that is the difference between me and people in Pune.  While I feel like I’m enjoying the rain alone as I look around to see everyone cooped up in their cars, in Pune there are lots of people on bicycles and motorbikes, so you can see other people enjoying the rain with you.


I went for a bicycle ride in the rain and it was pleasant enough.  There is an excitement and a fear that accompanies riding through a puddle of unknown depth with a bottom that could be anything from smooth bitumen to cow paddies and mud.  I am yet to be drenched but I still have a week to go!  Well, I hope you are enjoying riding around, and if it’s a fine day, don’t worry, I’m sure it will rain soon and you can look forward to that 🙂


3 thoughts on “Get on ya bike – it’s the monsoon!!!

  1. Ha, that’s so great. I had a wonderful time riding home in the pouring rain last night. As I rode I pondered our aversion to getting saturated which is in contrast with the pleasure of being out in the rain 🙂

  2. I love it!
    My brother always has to walk home in the rain and he loves it. “Put your face in it Mazz”, he says. “It’s lovely.”
    Just goes to show that our experiences are determined as much by our attitude as anything else!
    Now… Changing and improving the attitudes of entire communities… Hmmmmmmm. There’s a nice challenge.
    Call me if you need a hand. Ill do my best!!!

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