I have a bicycle!

Today I bought a bicycle thanks to my three favourite vietnamese sisters who had an animated discussion with the lady at the shop to get a better price for me.  It is pink and I have ridden it on the local streets here to the markets.  I have to remember to ride on the right side of the road or lane or whatever piece of land can accomodate a bicycle.  I also brought a very sensible ridiculous shirt for riding on the bikes – it has little hand covers and a hood and it also has flowers and kermit the frog on it – I think it will go well with my bike :P.


I had a little practice on my friend’s motor bike but  I am still a little scared to ride on the little roads (and maybe too scared to ride on the big roads too).  I am enjoying riding on the back of bikes and I have stopped worrying at all about crashing – things just seem to always work out.  I think I am even becoming ok at crossing the road.


Hanoi streets vary from the vast hot open highways with no shade but people tend to move freely (always looking forward) to the small streets shaded by lush looking trees and way too many power lines.  There are interesting ornate buildings to look at throughout the city.  I am staying in such a lovely neighbourhood with three delightful girls.  I have joined in a vietnamese game which is a cross between badminton and hacky sack, I have gone to the markets almost everyday, and I love going down our little lane with neighbours saying hello.  Tomorrow I am off to tackle (and embrace) the traffic system of Hanoi on my bicycle 🙂

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